PUPPY CULTURE – For vaccinated puppies under 1 year

“The impact we have on training and socializing our puppies starts at age 8 to 16 weeks”

  • Socialization – This is the first step of having your pup interact with other dogs and people; which is one of the most important experiences and exposures you can provide for your new pup.
  • Puppy Development- You will learn about the inner world of our new puppies, how to communicate with them, and understand the boundaries of the development period.
  • Attention getting – Learn to use treats and attention to reward your pet for giving attention.
  • Luring – Shape your pup into positions using a lure without using verbal commands.
  • Clicker/Marker Training- We introduce a clicker and demonstrate how to mark wanted behaviors.
  • Name Game/Focus – The basis and top priority for all commands and exercises for a well-mannered dog
  • Other Commands/Exercises: We also work on sit, down, crate training, getting used to leash, eliminating jumping, biting and chewing issues.

*Our goal is to have you advance to Level-1 after 3 to 4 weeks of Puppy Culture Classes.