“The impact we have on training and socializing our puppies starts at age 8 to 16 weeks”

During Puppy Culture classes, you and your pet will both be learning new topics and behaviors.  You will learn about the development of a pup and how to communicate with them.  Your pup will begin to connect with you, other people, and dogs.  The topics and skills addressed in these classes are listed below.

  • Socialization – this is the first step of having your pup interact with other dogs and people, (this is one of the most important experiences and exposures you can provide for your new pup)
  • The inner world of our new puppies and how to communicate with them
  • Understanding the boundaries of the development period
  • Attention getting – reward your pup for their attention (how to use treats and attention as a reward)
  • Luring your pup into positions without using verbal commands – (your pup should repeat the position a number of times prior to ever using a verbal command)
  • Clicker or marker training your pup
  • Name Game/Focus – The basis and top priority for all commands and exercises for a well-mannered dog
  • Sit, down, crate training, getting use to the leash, eliminate jumping, biting and chewing are some to the commands and exercises we will work on in this class.

*Our goal is to have you advance to Level-1 after 3 to 4 weeks of Puppy Culture Classes.