Home Personal Training

The following situations are a good reasons to look into In Home Training:

Your dog is displaying signs of aggression.
Your dog is shy or overly fearful.
Your dog won’t get in the car.
You feel your dog might be dangerous in a group class.
You have a specific behavior that needs to be corrected.
You want to train your dog in the park, or a specific location.
Your whole family would like to be a part of the training process.
You would like to work on a specialized type of training.

Our Training Methods:

We use Operant Positive Reinforcement Training for most of our training/courses, essentially rewarding the dog for performing the behaviors we want, then repeating the process for the dog to learn the command. The reverse is true for behaviors we want to eliminate; we remove the rewards from these behaviors.

Our training philosophy is simple and effective:

To work with your dog’s natural instincts to promote the behavior that is desired and to promote a stronger bond between you and your dog. We do not use forceful or painful methods when training (your dog should never fear you when training). Along with positive reinforcement we take a balanced approach to training, with many training tools at our disposal (treats are not the only way to teach a dog to come). We follow current canine ethology, no more of the “yank and crank” trainers of yesterday. Our goal is to have a happy well-mannered dog that has been integrated into your lifestyle.


One In-Home and Two Month Classes: $323.30
Two In-Home and One Month Classes: $355.10
Three In-Home Session: $355.10

Jim Devenny

Certified Canine Obedience Instructor/Trainer
For Paws Pet Sitting and Canine Obedience Training
Red Cross cat – dog first aid/CPR
Tester/Observer for Alliance of Therapy Dogs
Phone: 859-802-6076

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