LEVEL 2 – Good Citizenship Manners

In Level 2 classes you and your pup will build upon the basics you learned in Level 1.  At this level, your dog will learn to focus on you as more distractions are added.  Your pup will practice being calm and attentive and wait for you to direct him/her.  We begin to increase the 3-D’s- duration, distance and distraction. Below are examples of skills and behaviors at Level 2. Our goal is to have you and your pup learn and practice exercises for “AKC Canine Good Citizenship” and take the test at the end of Level 2.


  • Focus – We will add distractions, distance, and duration as you keep your pup focused on you. The goal is to be 15 to 20 feet away and hold focus for 1- 2 minutes. This exercise continues through all levels of training
  • Stay – You will have your pup stay with duration, distance and distractions 10 to 15 feet away while we start distracting your pup as you have them focus on you.
  • Door Manners – You will teach your pup to sit and focus/look at you as you open any door, and then walk through the door before they come along.
  • By my side or by me – You will learn to have your dog at your side which is one of the most useful tools we will use with our dogs.
  • Wait with more distractions – You will continue working with more distance for longer periods of time and challenge your pup with distractions.
  • Off the floor down – At this level your pup should be able to go to the down position while you are standing completely upright.
  • Release or drop it – You will learn how to get your pup to release or give up objects/things to you, (toys, balls, etc.) You will also learn the difference between release and leave it
  • Leave It – This command will teach your pup to leave anything permanently that you do not want them to have.
  • Advanced Loose Leash Walking – You will learn the YoYo Drill and have your dog walk with you outside using a loose leash using the focus command as you approach other dogs and people.  Your pup should demonstrate this skill with no pulling, jumping or lunging or tension on the leash. Treats are ok.
  • Walking past and around other dogs and people – Using real life scenarios, we have you and your dog leash walk around other people and dogs.
  • Halt or Pause- You will teach your pup to halt or pause when walking them rather than sitting.
  • Sitting During Walks – Your pup should start sitting when you walk up to someone, or as they approach you. Additionally, you want to have them sit automatically anytime you stop walking.
  • Polite Greeting – We teach you how keep your dog in a seated position as individuals come up to greet you and your pup.
  • Come/ Recall- You will be advancing the come/recall command as you call your pup, on and off leash, out of sight, and from greater distance.
  • Up To 1:00 Polite Greeting- You and your pup will practice a polite greeting while you stand next to your pup.  At this level we start eliminating treats, but praise is ok.