LEVEL 4 – Advanced

For dogs who have completed LEVEL 3.  At completion of this level your dog will be eligible to test for Therapy Dog Certification.

  • The goals for Level 4 are to continue improving on all obedience commands and training, using less treats and lures.
  • Off Leash– Emphasis will be on completion of skills while dog is off leash.
  • Focus – Practice skill with your dog 10 feet from you – while holding your dog’s focus up to 1 minute. More distractions will be introduced during this exercise.
  • Heel– Learn to have your dog next to your side and maintain their focus while walking off leash
  • Distance, Duration and Distraction– Practice previously learned commands: sit and stay, sit and down position, a sit and wait position, while increasing distance, duration, and/or distractions.
  • Loose leash walking – You will practice skill by adding the challenge of working close to other pups in the class, while performing all commands and exercises within 2 feet of other dogs.
  • “AKC Canine Good Citizenship” and the “Alliance of Therapy Dog”Start and complete the process of practicing and preparing for the above testing and observing certifications.
  • To prepare for the above CGC and ATD, we incorporate major distraction into your pups training – teaching them to get use to wheelchairs, crutches and having others approach and walk unsteady towards and around them.
  • Separation– During this exercise you and your pup will be separated for 3 minutes while one of the other parent/owners in the class controls your pup while you leave the room.