Group Training

Congratulations on making the responsible decision to maximize the relationship between you and your pet through training!  A well behaved/trained pet will provide long term benefits for you, your pet, and others.

 At For Paws we use a leveled training method designed for rapid success between the owner/parent and the pup to move up relatively quickly through all levels, ideally, within approximately 4-5 sessions per level.

The For Paws Canine Obedience Training experience is fun and interesting for both you and your pup. 

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“LEVEL’s Training Method”


Our Levels Method is different from other training classes. If you have attended any other training programs in the past you know that it typically consists of a certain number of weeks, one class per week, on a certain day and time, and works on a specific skill. This is fine if your schedule permits a specific day each week and more importantly your dog “learns” the skills in one week. But what happens if you miss a week or your dog doesn’t master the behavior in one week? You may become frustrated and a “dog school dropout”.

In Levels Training we make it easier for dog owners and pets to attend classes and be successful. Our goal is rapid success for the owner/parent and the pup to move up relatively quickly in all levels; ideally in approximately 3-4 sessions; while making the For Paws Canine Obedience Training experience fun and interesting.

There are many advantages to our method of training. We offer 2, 4, and 6 month Group Training packages. We offer different days and times for the various Levels. You can attend as many classes a week at your level that you would like. Additionally, you can jump back into other levels if you feel you need to catch up or need a refresher for certain commands and exercises. Each level has a specific set of skills we practice during each class. We continually review skills, in order to reinforce the behaviors we want to see. As pets and owners demonstrate mastery they move up to the next Level. Since there is no specific starting date for classes you can begin right away. This also means that there will be dogs with a variety of experience, which allows pet owners to learn from each other as well as the trainer. There is no set number of weeks or classes. This design allows flexibility for your schedule and a pace suited for you and your pet.

Everyone attends orientation. This is the first class for all levels of training. You can bring your pup to the orientation. During orientation, we become familiar with you, your goals, and your dog. Also, we discuss the “Levels Training Method”.  Topics include the benefits of flexible schedules so that you’re not obligated to be at class on the same day and time every week. Also, if you choose to do so, you have the opportunity to attend more than one class each week. You can even revisit earlier levels if you feel you need to catch up or refresh commands and exercises.

Our classes are 1 hour long. At the beginning of each class we usually provide some off leash free play time for the dogs.  This helps with socialization and using up some energy so dogs can focus more during class.  At each session we work on multiple skills; some being previously learned and others new skills for the level.  Since new clients can begin classes at any time there will be a variety of experience/skill clients during each class.  We modify instruction based on the clients/dogs in class. The trainers will explain and/or demonstrate the skills. Owner/Dog teams will practice exercises during class time and; have the opportunity, to ask questions.

 We provide handouts at each class to take home for practicing exercises.  We also provide informational handouts from time to time about dog care and other tips.  If we have to cancel classes for holidays, special events etc.  we will let you know during class and provide a change of schedule notice.  Cancelling classes does not affect the length of class packages.  End dates are extended to reflect any cancelled classes.

  You can learn more about our program by reading about the the skills we learn and practice at each level.  Skills are not limited to just the ones mentioned on each page.  Additionally, we practice many of the skills throughout ALL levels by increasing the difficulty by increasing Distance, increasing Duration and adding Distractions.

Please contact us if you have questions or would like to meet with us about your pet.

Levels Training Cost (plus tax):

Two Month Package: $240
Four Months Package: $375
Six Month Package: $495


Other Options:
One In-home and Two Month Package: $323.30
Two In-home and One Month Package: $355.10
Three In-Home Sessions:  $355.10




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