LEVEL 1 – Beginner Basics


For dogs who have completed puppy culture or first-time training of dogs 1 year or older.

  • Focus- Learn to get and maintain eye contact with your pup. This is a top priority; the key behavior from which other behaviors build.
  • Leash Walking- Learn the mechanics of proper leash walking.
  • Attention Games –Owners will practice rewarding dogs for attention as they use their names.
  • Down- Learn the beginning mechanics of the down command.
  • Stay- Begin learning the command after a solid sit and down is established.
  • Wait- Begin teaching pup to wait for treats/food.
  • Begin learning the difference between Stay and Wait.
  • In your Crate and In your Place – Learn how to designate a spot for your dog to go on command.
  • Sit by my side or By me – Learn how to train your dog to sit at your side using a lure.
  • Unwanted Behaviors- If these still exist, we continue work to eliminate jumping, biting, chewing, and off furniture/other objects.

As with all levels it is important to practice these skills outside of class time.  Practice reinforces the positive behaviors you are looking for with your pup.  It also helps to build a dog’s confidence which potentially decreases some unwanted behaviors.