Boarding and Training


For Paws – Board and Train and Daycare and Train Packages

Training a pet requires time and commitment. Repeated practice needs to happen inside and outside of training class. Our work schedules and other responsibilities sometimes leave us with less time to train our pets than we would like. We can help with that problem. Why not let your pets “work” while you’re at work or on vacation!

Our goal at For Paws is to achieve as much success and progress for each client’s dog in the allotted time available.

Day Care and Board and Train programs include working on commands and exercises with our client’s dogs off and on throughout the entire day. With the exception of rest times and feeding times, our Day Care and Board and Train dogs are being trained to focus, come, sit wait, stay and socialize with other dogs and humans for the entire time they are with us.

*The success of our Day Care and Board and Train programs are not only determined by the quality of training, but also by the commitment, consistency, diligence and follow through by each client with their dog. (That is why it is important for each of our clients to schedule time with a trainer at the end of the Day Care or Board and Train programs.)

Day Care and Train Program:

We offer daycare and train programs at Allie’s Walkabout. During your pet’s stay we will work with your dog on basic obedience and higher level commands. This program will provide opportunities for you to learn how to work with your dog at home (while participating in training and after), using the same techniques used by our trainers. An additional benefit for your dog is the socialization that occurs during daycare. Your dog will be able to interact with other dogs in a supervised setting. This is in addition to the individual sessions that we work with your dog every day.

Board and Train Program:

Our “Board and Train” programs include more in-depth customized training for you and your dog. We work with your dog in individual sessions every day alone and with other dogs. Additionally, our trainers work with your dog during the play sessions while they interact with other dogs and humans. This provides great socialization with both humans and dogs. Also, on the days of our weekly scheduled classes, we will work with your dog during those class times. All of our Board and Train programs include a session with you and your family at your home, after the training.

*Special collars, leashes, or equipment will be the responsibility of the owner/parent. Also, the dog’s food and medicine will be the responsibility of the owner/parent as well,

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