Board and Train

We offer two different programs where the dogs live with us: 2 weeks Board and Train, 4 weeks Board and Train and and Obedience Camp. Both of these programs have their purpose, to see which your dog is better suited for its recommended you come in for a Behavior Evaluation. Here is a brief run-down

Two Week Board and TrainĀ (Call for Cost)

This training is for the parent/owner that wants a solid foundation of training commands for their pup. Typically these dogs have no major issues and the owners are looking for our support to establish and the obedience foundation. Most often, the family is going out of town and wants the dog to have some training while they are gone. Dogs in this program will typically have only two trainers that will introduce all of the words on the word list along with basic manners and respect. At the end of the 2 weeks, you will receive a private lesson before your taking your dog home and another free lesson within a month of taking your dog home. Your dog will not be rock solid but will have a wonderful foundation. We recommend continuing with one of our Beyond Basics classes. You and your dog will be the rock stars of the class.

Four Week Board and TrainĀ (Call for Cost)

Includes a full complement of our training programs. We not only teach all of the words in our basic training command list, but also include higher level commands as well. Additionally, we address any specific issues you are having with your dog, from being reactive to housetraining. Your dog will be taken on field trips to local stores, pet stores and parks. Friendly dogs will get to play with other boarded dogs in our play sessions, while the dogs with aggression towards other dogs will get additional time with to play by themselves with the trainer.

Your dog will need proof of vaccinations prior to being able to board with us. You can have those documents emailed or faxed to us or bring in a copy with you. Vets are not always open during the hours that we allow check ins, so to avoid issues with making sure we have your pups records, please be sure to have them with you or get them to us ahead of your pups stay with us.

*We cannot allow any dogs into the facility without completed vaccine records on file.