January 14-18th
Presented by For Paws and Allie’s Walkabout

Our goal is to work on the commands and issues that are important to you and your family. If you have specific areas of concern for your dog, we will discuss and address them.

For reference, below are some of the commands and issues that we have focused on in some of our past Daycare and Train programs

• Socialization of your pup with other dogs and humans – We will work with you dog in classes as well as one on one. This will provide exposure to other environments as well as other individuals and their dogs.
• Attention – Teaching your dog pay attention and focus on their owners
• Sit – sit directly in front of you on command, waiting for food or treats, prior to leashing your pup
• Wait – Have your pup sit and wait until you call them to you
• Take it or OK – Wait for their food, treats, walk through a door, get in or out of a vehicle
• Leash walking – As you start leash walking your dog, use the command check, or lets go, or with me while walking them on the leash, by the seam of your pants with a loose leash
• Leave it – This command should be used when you come upon something that you do not want your pup to have. (This command is to leave it permanently)
• Down and off the floor down – You should be able to have your pup go to a lying down position, as you are standing up right
• Stay – stay is similar to wait, but this is a permanent command not to move until you go back to release them
• Off – No jumping on you or others – Off you and others along with off furniture and beds or any areas you do not want them on
• By me or by my side: The goal of this command is to call your dog to return to your side, sitting and facing the same direction as you
• Come/recall – calling your dog to come to you from any distance and in any environment
• Duration, distance and distractions – Teach your dog to stay and wait for a duration of time at a distance

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